How To Tell A Boomer From A Blogger

24 07 2008

I sometimes bristle when people trot out antique notions like “well, the Internet is really only used by teenagers, and they’re not really our audience”.

Still, buried in that nonsense is a chunk of reality. In truth, different generations really do have somewhat different media consumption habits.

For more data and shiny happy charts, go see the interesting new post today over at Marketing Charts and ThirdAge/JWT Boom about how Boomers use new media.

Some highlights (note they’re defining Boomers as people over 40):

  • E-mailers (96%) and photo sharers (84%)
  • Generally not bloggers (67% said “no interest”) or social networkers (only 22% participate)
  • Surprisingly open (93%) to viral or word-of-mouth marketing
  • 80% use a broadband connection at home

In general, I think it’s fair to say that most Boomers still think of themselves as consumers of information rather than publishers or participants. They are a lean-back generation, not a dive-in generation.

Also, they are more likely to live a private online life than a public one.

Demographers would argue whether I’m a very late Boomer or an early Gen X-er. But I am over 40 and therefore would fit this research definition as being a Boomer.

If you believe this research, my blogging and participation in social media places me fairly far outside the norm.

Fine with me. Who aspires to be typical?