Are You Selling Cave Swiftlet Saliva Or Kraft Cheese?

18 02 2010

What publishers must learn from CPG:  my latest blogpost at Jack Myers MediaBizBloggers. A brief preview:

We can ask, “how can publishers stop content from being commoditized?” but it won’t help.

I think it’s time for a weirder but more productive question.

Are You Selling Cave Swiftlet Saliva Or Kraft Cheese?

Cave Swiftlet saliva is the main ingredient in bird’s nest soup. It’s so rare and so differentiated that a bowl of soup made from it goes for about $30. Nice business. But the other 99% of what people consume are essentially commodities. Salt. Coffee. Cheese. Publishers can learn a lot from consumer packaged goods companies. Especially food marketers.

How would a food company look at the problem of commoditized content?

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The Content Glut: Why It Stinks To Be King

11 02 2010

I’m flattered that Jack Myers has asked me to join his group at the always-interesting MediaBizBloggers.

The people who blog there are people I have a ton of respect for — Shelly Palmer, Cory Treffiliti, Jim Louderback, Matt Greene and a whole bunch of smart people from Group M among others.

It won’t be easy to keep up with a group this smart, but I’m going to try my best.

My first post is here.  I’m hoping to spark some discussion and so if you feel like commenting I’d be grateful.