Kevin George: “Digital Channels Are The Best For Creating Dialogue”

3 07 2008

No, this is not Kevin George of Unilever.I saw Kevin George present at an ANA meeting recently about how Unilever is using interactive TV. (NOTE: The photo in this post is not Kevin George. It is his stunt double.)

What I admired most about Kevin’s presentation was that it wasn’t at all about “look at the wacky futuristic stuff we’re doing”. It was very down-to-Earth and practical: if it works, we’ll do more of it.

Practical wisdom from Kevin:

“We strive to build “digital brands.” We start by defining the type of experience we want consumers to have with our brands, then determine the right media channels that deliver that experience. We find more and more that the digital channels such as online, interactive television, and mobile are the best solutions for creating that dialogue. The most important thing is that we don’t let the technology drive the strategy. When you focus from the very beginning on creating a conversation about your brand among consumers, not just sending a message “brand to consumers,” your approach is much more effective.”

I’d encourage you to read the full interview from Booz and Company’s “Strategy and Business” website. It’s from October 2007, but still smart, interesting stuff. Happy 4th of July, everybody.