How Can Publishers Charge For Content?

28 02 2010

In my first blog post at Jack Myers’ MediaBizBloggers, I talked about the “content is king” myth. We already have a content glut and it’s only going to get worse.

In the picture at left, publishing is wearing the red jacket. The lady in the blue dress? That’s you and me, and we have every intention of skipping out on the check.

In the face of this, publishers have to try as many pay options as they can, as fast as they can.

So how many different models are being tested right now? The answer may surprise you. Take a  look at this brilliant presentation prepared by Alastair Bruce at Microsoft.

Hugely enlightening and interesting, whether you’re a publisher or just somebody who wonders what the future of media might be.


Interesting And Elsewhere

14 07 2009

I’m still digesting all that I saw and heard yesterday at IAB Mobile.  A long day, but interesting. If you haven’t seen the IAB Mobile Buyer’s Guide yet, you can download it here.


While I’m pondering what’s next for mobile, I’m somewhat at a loss for what to say.  Fortunately, for the poor souls like you who came here in search of something worthwhile, you will not leave disappointed.  The entire rest of the Internet is working feverishly to make up for my shortcomings.

Here’s what’s Interesting and Elsewhere today:

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Photo Credit: Nick Sherman