About Tom Cunniff

Tom CunniffTom Cunniff is a hybrid traditional/interactive creative executive whose career has given him an unusual 360-degree perspective. He began his career as a copywriter at traditional agencies, founded an interactive agency in 1994 and now works on the marketing side creating and integrating traditional and interactive. 

He was also a freelance writer for 10 years for the J. Peterman catalog in its heyday — even before the character appeared on “Seinfeld”. Tom did not write the “Urban Sombrero”, but did write many others.

Tom’s opinions on iCPG: Consumer Packaged Goods, Outside the Box are strictly his own.

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18 08 2008
Marla Nitke

Tom the social map you have up is fantastic! Quick question: are you the one who combined all 7 or did someone else.
Thansk for clarifying and I look forward to connecting with you at more IAB events.

18 08 2008

Hello Marla,

Thanks for the kind words. I’m the one who combined all 7 into one. And definitely look forward to connecting with you at more IAB events. The IAB events have gotten better and better every time.


2 04 2009
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16 07 2009
Brett A Sherman

Hi Tom- Great info- very well done

28 07 2009
Mike Mazzola

Tom – great work. Your posts always cut through the nonsense and I love incorporating your wisdom in my cocktail chatter – sometimes with attribution.


14 03 2012
Are you Socially Guilty of Random Acts of Social Media?

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