Social Media Venn Diagram

23 11 2009

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.”

Today, would he have Tweeted it, put in on Facebook or MySpace or shared it through Google Reader? Or would he try to monetize this news like Rupert Murdoch?

Image via the Huffington Post who (I think) borrowed it from (I think) its original source at Despair.

Social Media Venn Diagram




One response

23 11 2009

It’s a vicious cycle, too: the more we use Twitter, the more narcissistic, voyeuristic, and distracted we become. As was mentioned in a recent New Yorker piece (and I paraphrase badly), no one actually multi-tasks well. You just do more things, worse.
And it’s possible Shaw would have tweeted. He wrote over 250,000 letters in his life. Twitter might have been a nice release valve for him.

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