Colgate Wisp: CPG Viral Video Done Right

28 07 2009

Something idiotic is happening at Colgate headquarters.

They’re approving videos for YouTube that are every bit as moronic and weird as “Keyboard Cat“, yet do a brilliant job of highlighting the features of their new product, Colgate Wisp. This is the best viral video I’ve seen since the Verizon Viral Video.

THIS is how to do viral. It sells hard because it’s not needy.  Colgate is not begging you to love the Wisp. They’re not promising the sun, the moon and the stars. They’re not pretending to be high technology or rocket science. Colgate isn’t even pretending to do serious advertising.

They’re just saying “here it is, and here’s what it does” in an idiotic way. Which happens to be very, very smart.




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3 08 2009

Um – how could something be viral success if it only has 13,000 hits in three weeks?

Nice shill job. Do you work for Colgate?

3 08 2009

David, thanks for your comment. I don’t work for Colgate, and I’m not shilling for them. I thought this was well-done creatively, so I blogged about it.

You have a good point. Can the Colgate video be called a success? Is it even fair to call it a viral video if the virus didn’t spread?

13,000 hits is not remotely in the same universe as the 100 million hits the “Evolution of Dance” video got, or even the 10 million hits “David After The Dentist” earned.

I’ve blogged a lot about the need for digital efforts to scale to be worthwhile for CPG companies. My guess is that so far this hasn’t scaled enough to offer a breakeven return, so it’s probably safer to call this a miss than a hit.

Still, I like the creative risk Colgate took. CPG companies — especially big ones — need to swing for the fences more often.

P.S. How many views does a video need before we’d call it viral? Does anybody have a rule of thumb for this?

28 08 2009
A Savar

Actually — in total the video has almost 400,000 views across different networks. Check MetaCafe where the majority of views have taken place.

28 08 2009

Thanks A. Agree there are a lot of hits on MetaCafe. Any theories why it did better there than on YouTube? Also, I’m curious how you knew what the total hits are. Do you work for Colgate?

29 08 2009
A Savar

Happy to clarify — I actually run the social media agency ( that created the video. along with several others including this one ( that has been seen almost 1MM times across various networks. 600K+ on YouTube alone.

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