Which Brands Are On Twitter?

19 03 2009

One of these days, your boss will wander into your office and say “I assume you’re keeping track of which brands in our category are using Twitter”.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be prepared.method

This may help.

The people at Electric Artists have created a clean, nicely-organized “Tracking Twitter” site.

It’s sortable by brand and by category.

And they even give you the brand’s Twitter “handle” in case you want to follow them.

Smart idea for Electric Artists to do this.

There aren’t many CPG brands on Twitter yet, but I see that method is out there.

I wonder how they’re managing this internally.

Did they hire a “community manager”, or are they just giving Twitter duties to an employee in their consumer affairs department?




One response

19 03 2009
Matt M.

IMHO, the power of Twitter cannot be underestimated. Last week I decided to check out a new Facebook app using Fire Eagle. It didn’t work right so I complained about it via Twitter (for no reason other than to vent). 30 seconds later I had a product guy from the developer messaging me and asking me how he could help. He then turned me on to another guy who followed up to make sure it all worked. Zero friction. That’s when it hit me. Just imagine how that could be harnessed for a major brand. The potential for CRM, outreach, brand and product management, marketing, etc. is seemingly limitless.

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