Twitter, Tweets and Truth

19 03 2009

A friend passed this cartoon about Twitter to me today.

It’s pretty funny. But, is it true? 

In my opinion, yes.  What gets lost in they hype about Twitter is that Tweeting is basically asynchronous conversation. And that’s it.

Twitter has many of the strengths and many of the weaknesses of any other form of human conversation.  If we’re honest, most of what we say (and blog, perhaps)  is hopelessly mundane.  And more of it than we’d care to admit is wildly self-centered: it’s said more for our own ears than for anyone else’s.

We’re used to media having important things to say, because it used to be expensive to produce and therefore precious.

Now, it’s as cheap to produce as a belch at your local pub. 

Occasionally what is Tweeted will be shocking, or eloquent, or informative. Most of the time, it won’t.

C’est le guerre. Relax and have another beer 🙂




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