The Continuum Theory of Social Media

16 03 2009

Last week, Danny Brown generously invited me to guest on his blog. It’s fun to share ideas with a whole new set of people, and I was grateful for the opportunity.continuum

I posted my Continuum Theory of Social Media.

Rather than being one thing I believe Social Media is a continuum, with “Social” at the far left and “Media” at the far right.

Further, I believe the physics of this differ greatly depending on whether you are a smaller, consulting-oriented business or a large CPG company.

It has provoked some good conversation, including this thoughtful post by Marty Thornley.

If you’re curious, click over to Danny’s blog. While you’re there I’m sure you’ll find a lot of other interesting ideas.




One response

17 03 2009
Marty Thornley

Hi Tom,

I really enjoyed the article on Danny’s site. And it means a lot to know that you linked to my response.

I have subscribed to your feed and will be going through the rest of your site soon. Looking forward to more great ideas!


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