Can Social Media Scale For CPG After All?

9 01 2009

Ripple6 has a very good 11-part series of blog posts about social media and communities including video with Susan Ross of P&G.

It’s clear that both Susan and P&G have a strong understanding of this subject. I’m impressed.

modomatic1I’m intrigued by the Ripple 6 notion of “cloud communities”. Think of it as an RSS feed (aka syndicated content) to multiple communities all at the same time. What’s neat is that you can also select which communities get a piece of information — if a marketer exercises intelligent restraint, this enables them to participate in each community effectively.

It’s the most promising approach I’ve seen yet for getting social media efforts for CPG companies to scale effectively.

The series starts here. The page with P&G’s approach to Social Media starts here.

I’d love to hear comments from anybody who has worked with Ripple6. Anybody?

Photo Credit: Modomatic. Thanks to Creative Commons!




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9 01 2009
Chris Kieff


Thanks for the compliments on our blog. We firmly believe that Cloud Communities offer a way for brands to engage effectively and realistically with consumers. When brands have a dialog with their consumers, and respond to the needs of the consumers everyone wins. Cloud Communities is a way this can be done cost effectively across multiple communities by a brand with minimal effort. This is one approach that can solve the problem of monitization in the social media industry.

Lewis Green also wrote an excellent article on Cloud Communities.

And of course your readers can find more about Cloud Communities here.

Chris Kieff
Director of Marketing, Ripple6

12 01 2009
Does P&G Get It? : Scalable Intimacy

[…] courtesy Ripple6, via The Great Tom Cunniff… Susan Ross of Procter & Gamble discusses how the company approaches Social Media, […]

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