Fried Chicken, Pizza and Dumbbells

7 01 2009

A lot of marketers are talking about authenticity. And some are even getting pretty skilled at faking it.

Still, occasionally I see things that are so surprising I can hardly believe my eyes.

Yum Brands restaurants–Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and A&W–are offering consumers a free month-long trial membership for the online eFIT4Me tool. Created by fitness experts, it offers customized exercise programs, identifies eating patterns, and recommends nutritional habits.


Seriously? If this tool has any value, the very first advice it would offer is “stay away from KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and every other fat-laden, artery-clogging fast-food restaurant on the planet”.

I get that Yum Brands is trying to walk the walk of getting healthier. And I get that their corporate messaging is stressing that each of its restaurant chains offers “lower-calorie, better for you” menu options.

But still… isn’t there something startlingly disingenuous about putting a dumbell in a consumer’s hands for a month and helping them stuff their bellies with fried chicken and fish, pizza, burritos and french fries all year long?

If we’re going to be rigorously authentic, they should offer a free balloon angioplasty as a promotion instead.

If you worked for Yum Brands, would you have the nerve to suggest that?




2 responses

4 02 2010

Ouch. For me… Pizza Hut rips through me like my intestines are on fire & it’s trying to get out. I don’t think it has any time to make me fat or unhealthy… well, more than I already am. It’s like automatic ass-bulimia.

4 02 2010

Ouch. Rough commentary on Pizza Hut. Personally I like it OK, though you can’t beat NY pizza anywhere but Naples.

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