11 Habits Of Knuckleheaded Leaders

13 08 2008

The higher you rise in your organization, the thinner the air gets. And the less feedback you will get, unless you explicitly ask for it.

How will you know if you’re slipping into becoming a knucklehead? This may help.

David Silverman has a great post on the Harvard Business Publishing site about what makes a lousy boss. You don’t have any of these 11 bad habits, do you?

Of course not. Neither does anyone else 🙂

P.S. My favorite: ” If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. You don’t have to explain. They just need to make it “better.” If you give them too much direction, how will they learn? “

P.P.S. The YouTube clip is from the movie “Brazil” by Terry Gilliam. If you have not yet seen this, it’s important that you drop everything now and go get it. Total brilliance.





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