In Praise Of The Faceplant

7 08 2008

I don’t wish I could dance the way this guy dances.

I don’t envy his humiliating public faceplant at about :45 seconds into the video. (Isn’t it wonderful that the editors were kind enough to only slo-mo replay it about a hundred times?)

What I do admire is that:

  1. He had the guts to put himself out there
  2. He suffered an embarrassing failure
  3. He got back up to try again, with a smile on his face

If we never do an occasional faceplant, it’s because we’re not really taking any chances.

I’ve learned far more from getting scars than I ever did from getting awards.

Here’s to “The Faceplant”. And to everybody who smiles, gets back up and tries again.




One response

7 08 2008
Mike Troiano

Wow. Lucky his face broke his fall…

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