Where On Earth Is All The Good Data On Social Media Hiding?

6 08 2008

I’ll tell you where it’s hiding. Tampa, Florida.

More accurately, on Sarah in Tampa’s blog. Link here.

P.S. As a New Yorker, I like to imagine Sarah’s blog is written poolside, behind a tastefully-appointed mansion. Tennis courts to the left, 4-bedroom ‘guest cottage’ behind that, and a helicopter pad tucked discreetly away behind carefully-trimmed hedges. (Nothing screams ‘nouveau riche” louder than a visible helicopter pad).

A small army of tuxedoed bartenders, waiters and IT staff stand at the ready. What would madame like? A crisp Gin and Tonic? A colorful Cosmpolitan? A cunning tweak to WordPress? Her wish is their command.

It’s the least they can do in return for her finding all this good data.

Note: this is not a Google Earth picture of Sarah’s pool. Her satellite can jam Google’s satellite.
The photo is borrowed from Guajava’s photostream on Flickr.




One response

6 08 2008

Oooh, I like to imagine that too! I do have a pond out back, though.

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