Google Insights For Search

6 08 2008

This looks pretty interesting. It’s from the AdWords blog:

“Today, we’re launching Google Insights for Search, a new product designed with the advertiser in mind. It provides more flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior, and adds some cool new features like a world heat map to graphically display search volume and regional interest.

Like Google Trends, you can just type in a search term to see search volume patterns over time, as well as the top related and rising searches. You’ll also have the ability to compare search volume trends across multiple search terms, categories (commonly referred to as verticals), geographic regions, or specific time ranges.

Let’s take the example of entering the term apple. You’ll notice that the majority of top related and rising searches are associated with the brand Apple.”

The upside of this is that we’ll have more data than ever to help inform us.

The downside of this is that I’m already drowning in data that could be hugely useful. That is,  if I ever had the time or staff to dig into it.

Some days I think what I really need is a tool that sweeps the haystacks away so I have at least some shot of finding the needle.




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