Four Success Factors You Can Learn From Digital Brands

5 08 2008

Worthwhile article in today’s Ad Age by Allen Adamson of Landor, promoting his new book “BrandDigital”.  Here are four useful tips from Gary Briggs, former CMO of eBay.


With so much choice and access out there, a company must demonstrate the comprehensiveness of its brand’s offer and service no matter what category it’s in. One of the digital brands that set the bar in this regard was Netflix. It’s got everything a movie buff could want, from the array of movie choices to the process of making and cataloging personal selections.


The first digital brands determined that making something engaging and fun was a key to success. Burger King picked up on this when it created its Subservient Chicken branding initiative. It got across the point that “You can have it your way” while also giving online viewers an amusing experience worthy of sharing with others.


One thing the digital world has made evident is that if one brand makes something easier or more convenient to do than another brand, consumers will latch onto it. On the bricks-and-mortar side, consider Washington Mutual. “Banking made easier” is a foundation of its brand promise and one of the reasons for its success in a very competitive category.


Underlying the three previous factors is ensuring that your company and your brand are seen as trustworthy. The consumer reaction to Facebook’s introduction of Beacon last year, for example, highlighted how sensitive consumers are to data use and its link to their trust in the brand.




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