The Formula Herd vs The Silver Bullet Herd

1 08 2008

A bit of Friday philosophy. Why is making progress so difficult?

I believe it’s because businesspeople run in herds, for safety.

Many of us run in the Formula Herd; our heads down, ritualistically reciting our formulas like a prayer. We desperately hope that we can get rich before our formula loses its mojo.

Others of us run in the Silver Bullet Herd; eyes constantly scanning the horizon for Deus Ex Machina. We desperately hope that our Silver Bullet will make us rich before anyone realizes it’s really just a little man behind the curtain.

A few Crazies split off from the herd and form their own small groups.

We desperately hope that logic and reason will win the day, and that our superior survival skills will make us rich in spite of the insanity of business. Usually the most successful Crazies can be found at conferences peddling Formulas and Silver Bullets to members of the other herds.

I’ve been a member of all three herds at different points in my career. When I’ve run out of Silver Bullets I’ve found myself reaching for Formulas. And if I’m honest, most of the time I’ve been one of the Crazies.

Three questions to think about:

Which herd do you belong to?

Do the people around you even realize they’re in a herd?

Is running with the herd helping us, or is just increasing our odds of tripping because it’s stopping us from seeing what lies ahead?