Blinding Flash Of The Obvious: TV Edition

30 07 2008

Ad Age is usually a poor source of comic material.

But this week they had an article by David Poltrak of CBS Vision that actually made me laugh out loud. I’m sure David is a great guy, but… the following are just not penetrating insights:

  • Purchases start with awareness
  • TV is good at generating awareness
  • The Web is good at providing deeper information
  • The Web is good at converting awareness to action

In other news, water is wet and ice is cold.

In the history of media, there has never been a new medium that killed an old one. Newspapers didn’t kill billboards, radio didn’t kill newspapers, TV didn’t kill radio (or the movie business, as was feared), and the Internet was never, ever, EVER going to kill TV.

Mass Audiences: Blown To Bits

While each individual medium is feverishly trying to prove that their medium is best, we are being distracted from the jugular question of our age.

Mass audiences are being fragmented into a billion ever-tinier pieces. How can we re-aggregate them into something meaningful?

When we put too much focus on search, social media, or mobile or whatever, we are failing to see the audience forest for the digital trees.

It’s not about the media. It’s about the audience.

P.S. A medium that genuinely IS in trouble: newspapers. Unforgivably slower than the internet, less perspective than newsweeklies (which are also in trouble), and their key revenue generators like classifieds are all being picked off by other media.

If all this sounds too heady, I present a more trenchant analysis from Nelson, on The Simpsons.