Cuil Review

28 07 2008

I just tried the brand-spanking-new Cuil search engine founded by highly respected ex-Google employees. Here was my test:

Search query:

Response: “Sorry, an error occurred. Please try your search again. If the problem persists, please be assured that our team is working quickly to resolve the issue.”

Is this a bad search result , or is it actually stunningly accurate?




2 responses

28 07 2008

It kept telling me that there were no results for most of my searches and the ones that did produce results were so difficult to muddle through that I gave up.
You would have thought they would have debugged it a bit better before going public

28 07 2008

Thanks for the comment. You have to wonder what happened. Did Cuil just get so bombarded with traffic from the entire world that they collapsed? Did their CEO say “we’re launching July 28 come hell or high water”, not realizing they’d see both?

I’m bummed Cuil didn’t do well day one. The world needs a credible competitor to Google.

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