Modern Marketing: An Allegory

24 07 2008

The above video will teach you all you need to know about modern marketing.

The waterfall represents media budgets.

The spinning platform represents the day-to-day changes in business.

The slide represents freshly-minted executives, sliding into a bizarre situation they don’t understand. How can we be certain these are executives? Because they hit the ground running frantically, without asking anyone what they’re doing, or why. This is widely known as “process”.

The various penguins represent media: TV, radio, print, interactive, social media, and PR.

The penguin that almost always falls down and loses its budget is anything deemed “experimental”, including social media.

The penguin that *always* falls down and loses its budget is mobile.

The women represent media conglomerates.

The audience watching from the sidelines are traditional advertising agencies. Why are they on the sidelines?

They have been disintermediated.




6 responses

24 07 2008
Mike Crosson

You. don’t. want. comments. Really.

24 07 2008

As a Brit, thanks for the memories. you’re making me work too hard for the message though

24 07 2008
Rich Middendorf

And the narrator who is laughing hysterically is the consumer.

24 07 2008

Thanks Mike and Simon. And Rich — LOVE the comment. Too true!

24 07 2008
Dave Mastio

Couldn’t find an email for you. Just wanted to say that was a great point over at BuzzMachine.

25 07 2008

I like media conglomerates

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