IAB Leadership Forum: Mobile

21 07 2008

AUGUST 21 UPDATE: Dynamic Logic study finds that on average a mobile ad campaign boosted awareness by 23.9%. Full story here.

JULY 22 UPDATE: Download the IAB Mobile Platform Status Report (PDF).

Just spent a long but interesting day at the IAB Leadership Forum on Mobile marketing. A lot to digest, but here are the highlights:

  • Mobile really is a mass medium
  • The usual early testers (Unilever and P&G) are testing
  • Every company references these same few tests as proof that “big advertisers are moving their budgets to mobile”
  • On the plus side, dramatically less breathless hype than you’d expect. The mobile companies are sober, smart and working on the issues. This is a very positive sign.
  • Technology is all over the place. Significant creative challenge.
  • Inventory is going begging — deals can be made very easily.
  • Mobile search will be important. Lots of companies vying for success in this space. I wouldn’t declare Google the winner here quite yet.
  • Many big company execs are European. Makes sense when you think about it.
  • Company to watch: Millennial Media. Started by ex-Verizon and Advertising.com execs. Their 5 minute pitch was pretty compelling. Very nuts-and-bolts, but in all the right ways.



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23 08 2008
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