1920: Soap Opera. 2008: Soap Box.

18 07 2008

Way back when wireless telegraphy (aka “radio”) was the height of exotic new media, Procter & Gamble jumped on the opportunity.

P&G began sponsoring radio dramas, which became known as “soap operas”.

Could the soap box — the writings of “mommy bloggers” become just as important?

A few days ago, NBCU invested $5 million in BlogHer. And you really know something’s up when no less than 50 brands offer swag at the BlogHer pre-party at Guy Kawasaki‘s house. There’s a great post today from the always interesting Jeremiah Owyang about the economics of Mommy Bloggers and future ad opportunities. Happy reading, and enjoy the weekend.

UPDATE: Good CNET article here about how events like Blogher are becoming more “Main Street” and less “Sand Hill Road”

Photo Credit: Cambodia4KidsOrg’s Photostream




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21 07 2008
Brands Obsess over Female Bloggers (Examining the Economics) « Social Media.Online Games.Virtual Worlds

[…] 1920: Soap Opera. 2008: Soap Box. « i C P G July 18th, 2008 8:43 am […]

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