“Commercials In Online Video? OK.”

18 07 2008

Resuts of a survey of U.S. internet users aged 12 and older conducted by market-research company Ipsos MediaCT in February 2008 are in. AdAge reports:

“…three in four digital video consumers said they would find it “reasonable” for advertising to appear in the free digital (…) full-length TV shows and movies, while about two out of three said the inclusion of advertising would be reasonable with free access to music videos, short news or sports clips.” But, people are less open to this for amateur-produced content.

There’s a relatively brief window of opportunity for advertisers to adopt online video. If we allow it to close, consumers may shift their expectations. Read the AdAge article here.


1920: Soap Opera. 2008: Soap Box.

18 07 2008

Way back when wireless telegraphy (aka “radio”) was the height of exotic new media, Procter & Gamble jumped on the opportunity.

P&G began sponsoring radio dramas, which became known as “soap operas”.

Could the soap box — the writings of “mommy bloggers” become just as important?

A few days ago, NBCU invested $5 million in BlogHer. And you really know something’s up when no less than 50 brands offer swag at the BlogHer pre-party at Guy Kawasaki‘s house. There’s a great post today from the always interesting Jeremiah Owyang about the economics of Mommy Bloggers and future ad opportunities. Happy reading, and enjoy the weekend.

UPDATE: Good CNET article here about how events like Blogher are becoming more “Main Street” and less “Sand Hill Road”

Photo Credit: Cambodia4KidsOrg’s Photostream