12 Billion Good Reasons To Watch Online Video (And One Horrible One)

17 07 2008

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on online video, there are more and more reasons to pay attention. The first 12 billion reasons come from WebTV Wire. Some highlights:

  • ComScore says 12 billion videos were watched in the US in May, up 45% since last year. This includes YouTube and streaming TV ventures like Hulu.
  • ArsTechnica says in the same period there were 142 million unique viewers. If so, 3/4 of all US Internet users have watched video online.
  • Average user watched 85.3 videos during the month
  • Top 3 sites: Google (includes YouTube), Fox (includes MySpace video), Yahoo.

Will This Super-Villain Be A Hero?

Few people have the cult audience that Joss Whedon does. And far fewer have the nerve to take the creative and business leaps that he does. His latest experiment is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: an online musical about a super villain.

Great post from GigaOM here, with details of how it was funded, promoted, etc. Whether this succeeds or fails, it will tell us a lot about what’s possible in online video.




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