TV, Out Of The Box

1 07 2008

UPDATE, JULY 9: Highlights from the new Nielsen Three-Screens video report are out. It seems the more video there is to see — on whatever platform — the more we’ll watch.

  • Online Video is Mainstream: 2/3 of U.S. Internet users (119M) watched video in May; 7.5 billion streams and 16.4 billion minutes in total. For the N.C.A.A. men’s basketball tournament alone, CBS streamed 4.9 million hours of audio and video
  • But, TV Still Rules: For every hour of online video viewing, consumers spend 57 hours watching TV. The average consumer time-shifted ~6 hours of programming in May, up from under 4 last year.
  • For Kids, Online IS Video: Kids 2-11 spend almost 1/3 of their online time watching videos.
  • Mobile Matters: Nielsen projects 4.4M subscribe to mobile video on their phones. The average user watches 3 hours and 15 minutes a month
  • More good data is available from the New York Times and MediaPost

UPDATE, JULY 2: Knowledge Networks’ new report, “How People Use the Video Marketplace,” is scheduled to be released later today. It shows intriguing generational differences in how people consume media. For example, who uses streaming video? 52% are Gen-Y, (ages 13-29), 18% are Gen-X (30-43), and 21% are Young Boomers (44-54). More good info here.

The shift from video from something that lives in a box in your living room to something ambient continues apace. Where are people watching? 14% from desktops, 9% laptops, 6% mobile phones, 5% on portable video players. Small percentages, but growing.

According to new research conducted by Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing,:

  • 35%, of adult broadband users watched at least one program online that was originally shown on TV
  • 87% watched programs from a TV network Web site.
  • 82% went online to find a specific program that they had missed on TV.

What are the implications for TV commercials? What would you do differently, if you knew a lot of the people seeing your commercials weren’t watching them from a La-Z-Boy?




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