Average Age of a Network TV Viewer: 50

30 06 2008

I wanted to come up with a more provoAverage age of a network TV viewer is 50cative headline for this post. I can’t.

The average age of a network TV viewer is now 50 years old.  When these viewers were 20, K-Fed, Kobe Bryant and Katherine Heigl were newborns. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page were 5 years old.

According to Magna Global Worldwide,

“Not long ago, CBS was by far the oldest network, with a median age above 50. But ABC and NBC have gradually gotten older and are approaching 50 themselves.”

For live viewing, the report put CBS at 54, ABC at 50, NBC at 49, Fox at 44 and The CW at 34, although it noted that the latter network “is struggling to manage even a 3 household share with its new programming.”

Yikes. For more scary numbers, with breakouts by ages, click here.

I’m convinced video will ultimately remain the best way to build brands and sell product. But I think what we’re seeing now is a sort of ugly middle stage, where TV is losing relevance and the new forms of video and video advertising are not yet ready to take over. 

Still. if anyone tells you things aren’t changing and there’s no need to adjust how you do business right now — drop this bit of knowledge on them.




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