Will CPG Marketing Go Psychic?

28 06 2008

Have you ever been thinking about a problem, and came across an ad with a pretty good solution for it? We used to call this serendipity. Soon, it may be so commonplace we won’t call it anything at all.

For the first time, Google is experimenting with using multiple recent searches to target banner ads. This is potentially very important. Think of these as “psychic banners”.

Paid search brings consumers into the tent. But “psychic banners” can get them so excited they can’t leave without buying.

If this idea works, packaged goods marketers may be able to combine the intelligence of paid search (which leverages consumer intent) with the emotional triggers that strong creative — including video — can bring to the table. 

For all the science we apply, CPG marketing remains a series of good guesses. We guess if we reach enough people with about the right demographics with an ad that hits pretty close to home, we might sell enough to make our numbers (which, if we’re honest, were a guess to begin with.)

Stay tuned. Better guesses may be available soon.