How To Save Brand Advertising Online

3 03 2009

It’s not unusual for people to complain about the depressing state of brand advertising online.

What IS unusual is when somebody actually has an idea about how to improve matters.

What’s HUGELY unusual is when somebody has a lot of ideas and they’re all really, really good.


Troy Young, CMO at VideoEgg, has a bunch of really good ideas you need to know about. Read his post here and make sure you download the PDF. (Sorry, can’t direct link to the PDF.)

Way to go, Troy!

Skittles, Social Media and Rainbow-Colored Gas

2 03 2009

Tuesday Morning Update: I’ve been trying to understand why I reacted so strongly to the new Skittles site. Upon consideration I think I’ve gotten down to the root of it.

Old-Fashioned Brand Narcissism: TV Advertising Style:
We are the center of the universe. Everyone cares what we say.

Modern Brand Narcissism:  Digital Social Media Style:
We are the center of the universe. Everyone cares what people say about us.

To borrow a lyric from the Talking Heads, “same as it ever was, same as it ever was…


Skittles is the social media darling of the moment, thanks to its Modernista-inspired website.

In the spirit of giving up control to consumers, I won’t comment. Instead, here’s what one consumer had to say.


P.S. If you were hoping for a more, um, “descriptive” dissection of what Skittles is doing, try here.


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